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Meet Our Staff


Dr. Jennifer Jaax

Experienced Cincinnati Vet  |  ASL Proficient

Known for compassion and skill, Dr. Jen Jaax treats every pet as if it’s her own. It was only natural for her to enter the veterinary field, as someone who has always loved animals and who hails from a family of vets—including her father, sister, brother-in-law, aunt and uncle. Dr. Jaax graduated from Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. She relocated to the Cincinnati area in 2005 and now lives in Milford, OH, with her “fur-family” of rescued pets (both cats and dogs) and her very understanding husband.

After over a decade in private practice, she transitioned into the field of emergency veterinary medicine, where she gained a wealth of experience and knowledge to help provide the best possible level of care for her patients. Her skills are exemplary—after working at the ER in a busy hospital of specialists, Dr. Jaax can handle the most complicated cases with ease and calmness. Dr. Jaax has a passion for animal dentistry, soft tissue surgery and development of a strong interpersonal relationship with her clients and their pets. If you are deaf and need a veterinarian who speaks sign language, you’re in luck! She’s proficient in ASL. She is also active in the rescue community, and is not only dedicated to helping family pets, but also feral and stray cats. 

“She never lets ego get in the way,” says longtime client Barb Wehmann. “If she doesn’t know something, she’ll tell you and will look it up and get back to you. She knows that her clients know their pets best. Dr. Jaax likes people as much as she does animals.  She’s friendly and a pleasure.”

In her free time, Dr. Jaax—whose favorite color is purple—enjoys home renovation, guitar, singing and antique furniture restoration.

“I have no shortage of things I have interest in… just limited time to do it!  I’ve been working on a crochet granny square quilt in bits and pieces and also have a musical I have been writing for the past few years,” she says. Fixing electronics has also been her newest hobby and skill. Dr. Jaax can provide patients with more comprehensive monitoring technology than most vet offices—including ECG, O2, BP and ultrasound—because she was able to find sophisticated equipment at a deal and perform the needed repairs herself. “I’ve gotten several pieces just needed some new fuses soldered onto the circuit boards and now work like new,” she says.

Being a veterinarian is not just a job to Dr. Jaax—she truly loves what she does, and it shows. She is joined by a bright, caring and compassionate staff who strive to provide exceptional quality care with a warm and friendly attitude.  Jaax Veterinary Hospital is happy to welcome you into our family!


Jennifer MacDonald

Veterinary Technician

Head technician and office manager Jennifer MacDonald graduated from Raymond Walters in 2006. She has worked at a few small animal hospitals since and most recently at a 24 hour emergency clinic. Jennifer has known and worked with Dr. Jaax for 9 years and is excited to join her again to open a new practice. She has 2 kids that she spends most of her downtime with and loves playing soccer. Jennifer also still has her cat from college who is named Trinity. Trinity has been there through her marriage to having kids and will hopefully be there for many years to come. Jennifer truly understands the special bond between owner and pet since Trinity is her best friend!

Tim Mullen.jpg

Tim Mullen

Office Manager

Have you met Tim Mullen? Tim spends his day keeping things moving smoothly via the front desk at Jaax Veterinary Hospital. And that is no small job! Stop by, say hello and sample that candy always on the desk. Maybe take 2 or 3 pieces when Tim looks the other way

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